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Asian CSR Awards

Since 2003, the Asian CSR Awards Program recognizes and honors Asian companies for embodying the principles of corporate responsibility in their business philosophy and operations.  Awardees are companies that continuously innovate and implement sustainable approaches towards becoming socially responsible. The awards seek to identify and honor companies as well as to provide role models of best practices for other companies.
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Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award (IACRA)

IACRA honors organizations in Asia that have taken a fully embedded approach to CSR across all the four focus areas. It is not an award for a specific initiative or a single area. The main criterion is that the organization has made CSR an integral part of the way they do business and has implemented CSR projects or programs that have a significant impact and are sustainable in all appropriate areas of operations.
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Ramon V. Del Rosario Sr. Award for Nation Building

The annual award is a project of Junior Chamber International Manila (formerly, Manila Jaycees, Inc.), in cooperation with the RVR Center, with the purpose of recognizing individuals who best exemplify outstanding corporate citizenship and have an underlying passion for nation-building. These achievements should be manifested through a keen focus in performing activities considered within the ambit of corporate social responsibility, all of which were passions, traits and characteristics exemplified by the late Ambassador.
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