Executive Conversations

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The RVR CSR Center conducts Executive Conversations (focus group discussions), a research initiative which seeks to assess the state of corporate social responsibility in Asian countries. Executive Conversations have been held in key cities in selected Asian countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India and Thailand.

The general objective is to solicit expert opinion from executives to assess the current state of CSR in a country and the value of CSR for the executive’s firm. The program also aims to strengthen and sustain CSR initiatives at the firm level, particularly in organizational development and corporate strategic planning.

Topics covered such as:

  • Role of internal and external stakeholders (i.e. government) in enhancing CSR
  • Benefits of Strategic CSR for companies and their stakeholders
  • Factors that ensure the sustainability of CSR practice
  • Innovative ways companies have addressed social and environmental issues

The results of the Executive Conversations are presented at the annual Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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