Our Focus

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Our Foci and Vision

Our thrust is to undertake CSR-focused research in relation to the competitiveness of corporations and on their impact on society. The RVR CSR Center is one of the first research centers in the region to concentrate on CSR issues. Our focus includes the creation of our own network of like-minded individuals and institutions so that the Center can connect and collaborate with counterpart organizations throughout the region on research and conferences. We also provide advice and capacity-building services on CSR issues to organizations through Asia.

Over the years, the Center has established a reputation for producing research and training material to address the unique circumstances and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia. The Center has also conducted multiple seminars, focus group discussions and round tables to bring together CSR practitioners and other stakeholders. The Center also runs the longest-running and most prestigious Conference devoted exclusively to the topic of CSR in Asia. The Center also developed and administers the Asian CSR Awards as well as the Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award.

Our Vision is to be the primary touchstone for practical knowledge on the practice of CSR in Asia. To accomplish this vision, our Mission is to enhance the capacity of business and management organizations in Asia in the managing/transforming/creating of socially responsible enterprises through relevant and practitioner-oriented research, development of useful materials, dissemination of useful tools and frameworks and engagement in capacity-building activities:

This means the Center’s mission also includes understanding the operating environment of business and what influences businesses to behave in a socially responsible manner. This includes government policies and regulations, market demands and host community situation. Furthermore, this means that part of our mission is to deeply and fully understand the environment of business in Asia; what affects the practice of CSR; how CSR evolves; the roles of different stakeholders; what are the challenges and enablers; what are the best practices and what are the possible trajectories for the future.

These key thrusts are supported by our research. The current thrust of our research is to understand the evolution of CSR in Asia and to assess the key success factors for enabling Strategic CSR in organization.

Research on the state of CSR includes understanding the influences on CSR in a country as well as understanding of the possible roles of key players. The Center has developed a descriptive framework (The Hexagon) that can be used to analyze the key drivers of CSR and how specific players can work towards influencing the other players towards working for a common social goal.

Research on Strategic CSR involves a “ground-level” understanding CSR practices of particular firms and an understanding what companies mean by CSR in general and Strategic CSR in particular and how companies implement CSR initiatives. The Center has developed two typologies (Intent and Locus) in order to classify CSR activity in companies. The Center has also recently published a CSR Manual, a guide designed for practitioners who are interested in the Implementation of Strategic CSR.