Educational Materials and Tools

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As the research arm of AIM, the RVR CSR Center has continuously developed educational materials and tools for the various courses in the Institute, as well as the workshops, trainings, and seminars offered by the Center. The educational material and tools are based on actual experience of companies.

Teaching Materials: Course Designs and Tools, Implementation Guide, Administration Guide and Session Briefs

The Center develops teaching materials on CSR as well as CSR-related concepts. The teaching materials include course designs, implementation and administration guides, and session briefs. In addition, the Center is also involved in developing teaching cases, which sought to help students in decision-making based on a specific set of information provided.

Some of the teaching materials developed by the Center include:

  • CSR in Mining for APEC Economies
  • Reviving Foreign Investments in the Philippines: The Case of a Mining Project in Rapu-Rapu Island
  • LEAF of Faith: The Case on Binalot's Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
  • Closure of Intel's Manufacturing Operations in the Philippines
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining for APEC Economies: Trainers Guidebook (upcoming)

Learning Materials: Case Studies and Readings

The Center develops learning materials based on the workshops, research, interviews that it conducted. The learning materials act as supplementary educational materials for workshop or seminar participants. The objectives of the learning materials are to (1) share best practices and (2) impart practical frameworks and tools.

Some of the learning materials developed by the Center include:

  • Doing Good in Business Matters: CSR in the Philippines- Frameworks (Volume 1)
  • Doing Good in Business Matters: CSR in the Philippines- The Practice (Volume 2)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia: Getting it Done the Intel Way
  • Asian Institute of Management Journal for Asian Management Volume 1 Issue 1: Special Issue on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining for APEC Economies: Trainers Guidebook (upcoming)

Slide Decks

The Center develops slide decks that could be used by CSR organizations and practitioners. The slide decks sought to present the key frameworks used by the center in its research projects and workshops.

Structured Learning Exercises

The Center develops and updates structured learning exercises (SLEs), which are based on actual experiences of corporations. SLEs are similar to role-playing games, where students are assigned specific role and must carry-out a plan based on a specific objective. The Center uses SLEs to help students understand a key learning objective from the point of view of a stakeholder.

Some of the SLEs developed by the Center include:

  • SAMI Simulation
  • Better Homes and Better Communities, adapted from the No Ka Oi Housing Project