Signature Research and Tools

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The RVR CSR Center’s signature research and tools on CSR highlights its commitment to sharing the importance of assessing the macro environment (internal and external) as well as integrating CSR into the core business practices.

Core Frameworks. The RVR Center core frameworks could be classified into five research areas: CSR and Strategic CSR, Classification of CSR Activities, Assessment: Footprint and Stakeholder, Sustainability in the Mining Industry, and Social Innovation.

Research Area Key Frameworks
CSR and Strategic CSR Developing a CSR Strategy
Integrating Social Performance
Integrating and Aligning CSR
Implementing Strategic CSR: A Process Frame
Responsible Business
Classification of CSR Activities CSR Typology of Intent
CSR Typology of Locus
Assessment: Footprint and Stakeholders

The Environment of CSR: The Influences (HExagon) Framework
Sustainable Approach in Footprint Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
BOP Engagement Approaches
Sustainability in the Mining Industry
The Environment of CSR in Mining: A Systems Approach
The Stages Approach to Sustainable Mining
Social Innovation Institutionalizing Social Innovation in an Organization
Process of Social Innovation
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Signature Research. The RVR Center’s signature research included works focused on helping companies embed CSR into their business; as well as sustainability in the mining industry.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining for APEC Economies: Trainers Guidebook

The CSR in Mining for APEC Economies Training Guidebook aids trainers in designing a training program that would provide participants with the following: (1) an overview of the mining sector to put into context the positive and negative impact of mining, (2) an understanding of CSR and Strategic CSR, (3) an awareness of changing interests and concerns of stakeholders and (4) insights on how to develop a sustainable CSR strategy. The CSR Guidebook provides a course design, tools and guidelines for conducting the program.

  • Towards Strategic CSR - Aligning CSR with the Business and Embedding CSR into the Organization: A Manual for Practitioners

This CSR Manual is developed in order to educate responsible companies (and those who would want to become responsible) with the knowledge and capability to align CSR strategy with its overall business strategy and embed into its organization. The CSR Manual addresses this concern by providing both theoretical frameworks and practical exercises. The frameworks were developed from actual research projects. The practical exercises, on the other hand, are composed of worksheets to provide practitioners with the “how-to” in applying CSR in their companies. The CSR Manual provides its readers with a practical guide starting from assessing their internal and external environment, formulating a CSR strategy, implementing the CSR programs, to evaluating the progress of their CSR initiatives.