BOP Engagement Approaches


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title BOP Engagement Approaches
Topic Analyzing the Bottom of the Pyramid
Focus Assessment: Footprint and Stakeholders

BOP Engagement Approaches


DESCRIPTION: The BOP Engagement Analysis utilizes the “Business Landscape” component of the Influences (Hexagon) Framework in order to understand the socio-political context of the BOP issue (including the assessment of stakeholder needs and concerns). By assessing the external environment, companies would be able to identify the BOP issues present in their host community. These BOP issues may include livelihood, employment, education as well as access to products and services, financing, technology and markets. Companies could consider these BOP issues as part of their key business concern. Companies could address these BOP issues through two BOP engagement approaches—BOP Partnership and BOP Marketing.

  • BOP Partnership: This approach addresses BOP issues (i.e. employment, livelihood, education) by developing programs within the company’s value chain—by transforming the BOP into business partners.
  • BOP Marketing: This approach addresses BOP issues by developing quality and accessibility of products and services.

USAGE: Companies could use this framework in assessing the macro-environment and stakeholder concerns in developing BOP engagement approaches. Depending on the company’s assets, competencies, operations and type of business, it could develop BOP engagement programs that are integrated into its value chain. The objective is to develop a BOP program that is profitable for the company and the BOP.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.E.B. and Alarilla, M.C.I. (October 2012). “Developing An Integrated BOP Engagement Strategy.” RVR Occasional Paper, Makati City Philippines.


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