CSR Typology of Locus


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title CSR Typology of Locus
Topic CSR Typologies
Focus Classification of CSR Activities

CSR Typology of Locus


DESCRIPTION: The CSR Typology of Locus Frame classifies CSR activities based on the key focus area and the type of stakeholder involved in the activity. The objective of this framework is to understand how “corporations are leveraging CSR activity by cooperating with stakeholders and other organizations. “ The key focus area are as follows: unrelated (i.e. philanthropy), internal value chain, extended supply chain, company location, institutional and international.

  • “Unrelated” refers to philanthropic activities that have no relation to the company’s business operations (i.e. one time donations).
  • “Internal value chain” refers to CSR-related initiatives that addresses parts of the company’s value chain (i.e. waste management).
  • “Extended supply chain” on the other hand would refer to CSR initiatives in the company’s upstream and downstream activities (i.e. supplier development programs).
  • “Company location” are activities that companies conduct depending on their area of operation. Mining companies for example implement community development programs for their host communities.
  • “Institutional” are company activities that are a result of company policies or industry-specific concerns (i.e. adherence to industry guidelines).
  • “global” are CSR initiatives that are influenced at a global level (i.e. CSR programs that are linked to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals).

USAGE: This framework may be used in discussing how companies work together with different stakeholder in different aspects of its business activities.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.B., Alarilla, M.I. and Uy, R.L. (2011). Towards Strategic CSR: Aligning CSR with the Business and Embedding CSR in the Organization: A Manual for Practitioners. Makati City: Asian Institute of Management.


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