Implementing Strategic CSR: A Process Frame


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title Implementing Strategic CSR: A Process Frame
Topic Process of Implementing CSR
Focus CSR and Strategic CSR

Implementing Strategic CSR: A Process Frame


DESCRIPTION: The CSR process frame describes the steps a company needs to take in crafting a CSR strategy that is embedded into company operations. The first stage is assessment wherein the company needs to understand the context of its operations to be able to identify the factors that it needs to prioritize (this includes internal and external factors). The second stage is formulation of a CSR strategy. Based on the results of the first stage companies can choose which areas it will focus on as well as the objectives of its CSR strategy. This is followed by the implementation stage in which the company creates a strategy for CSR. It is important during implementation that there are necessary structures in place to ensure that CSR programs are aligned with the company’s business strategy. If full embedding of CSR is targeted by the company it is important that it looks at the formal and informal mechanisms in place to ensure that the company’s CSR objectives are part of its formal structure (i.e. there is a specific department for CSR). After implementation it is important to evaluate the program to see if it has achieved the desired objectives. If not the company must analyze why it has not and make corresponding adjustments to its CSR strategy.

USAGE: The process frame is used in developing a CSR strategy as it gives users a specific process it needs to take and the corresponding activity per level to ensure that CSR is embedded into the company’s operations. However, how embedded CSR would be in the company as a result of following the steps in this framework would still depend on the objectives of the corporation.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.B., Alarilla, M.I. and Uy, R.L. (2011). Towards Strategic CSR: Aligning CSR with the Business and Embedding CSR in the Organization: A Manual for Practitioners. Makati City: Asian Institute of Management.


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