Institutionalizing Social Innovation in an Organization


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title Institutionalizing Social Innovation in an Organization
Topic Social Innovation: Assessment, Integration and Focus Area
Focus Social Innovation

Institutionalizing Social Innovation in an Organization


DESCRIPTION: The Institutionalizing Social Innovation Framework illustrates the key factors that are important in integrating social innovation in day to day company operations.

  • Stakeholder engagement- Companies need to ensure that its priorities match that of its stakeholders.
  • Operations- Companies need to ensure that they have the necessary structures and processes that allow the company to integrate innovation strategies into is operations.
  • Organization- This refers to the employees and corporate culture. It is important that the company creates an environment that encourages innovation among its employees.

The Social Innovation Process requires alignment with business realities: footprint, stakeholders and key business concerns. It also requires a clear understanding of desired outcomes. Outcomes can be generally in any of the three focus areas of: governance and society, customer and product responsibility or Value chain and environment.

USAGE: This framework is useful in highlighting which factors are important for companies to take into consideration when developing a business environment that encourages social innovation. In developing innovative approaches to social issues it is important that companies take into consideration internal and external factors.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.E.B and Alarilla, M. C. I. (October 2012). “Social Innovation: Business Invention and Social Solutions.” RVR Working Paper, Makati City Philippines.


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