Integrating Social Performance


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title Integrating Social Performance
Topic Developing a CSR Strategy
Focus CSR and Strategic CSR

Integrating Social Performance


DESCRIPTION: The Integrating Social Performance Framework illustrates how social performance is embedded into a corporation. In embedding CSR into company operations, the company creates both social and shareholder value. In order to do so, companies need to develop a CSR strategy that takes into consideration the resources of the company, which includes its physical assets (i.e. equipment and infrastructure), human capital and structures. Aside from utilizing the company’s assets it is important for companies to take into consideration the business context, which includes the impact of its operations and its stakeholders. It is important in order to create social value that footprint and stakeholders are properly identified to ensure that the companies given its capabilities are prioritizing the correct social issues. Essentially, in integrating CSR into the company’s business strategy it can ensure that it addresses both corporate and social objectives.

USAGE: The framework can be used to show the importance of integrating CSR into the company’s business strategy. Also, to give companies a general idea of the factors it needs to consider in embedding CSR into its operations.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.B., Alarilla, M.I. and Uy, R.L. (2011). Towards Strategic CSR: Aligning CSR with the Business and Embedding CSR in the Organization: A Manual for Practitioners. Makati City: Asian Institute of Management.


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