Process of Social Innovation


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title Process of Social Innovation
Topic Social Innovation: Process Frame
Focus Social Innovation

Process of Social Innovation


DESCRIPTION: The Process of Social Innovation Framework presents five steps in developing and institutionalizing social innovation. The stages are:

  • Assessment This includes active sensing of the internal and external environment. Companies also need to identify market and value chain opportunities for social innovation.
  • Development This involves the generation and evaluation of ideas and the preparation for pilot testing and implementation.
  • Implementation This involves program implementation and evaluation. A key focus for this stage is the evaluation for mainstreaming and scaling up.
  • Systematizing This involves documenting program rational, key components, key processes, and key performance and risk indicators. It also includes a plan for mainstreaming and scaling up.
  • Institutionalization This involves the mainstreaming and up-scaling of the program by implementation into all the feasible areas or locations of the corporation.

USAGE: This framework provides guidance for companies in encouraging and fostering social innovation.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.E.B and Alarilla, M. C. I. (October 2012). “Social Innovation: Business Invention and Social Solutions.” RVR Working Paper, Makati City Philippines.


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