Sustainable Approach in Footprint Analysis


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title Sustainable Approach in Footprint Analysis
Topic Footprint Analysis
Focus Assessment: Footprint and Stakeholders

Sustainable Approach in Footprint Analysis


DESCRIPTION: The Footprint Analysis Framework presents an approach of how companies could evaluate their footprint using the corporate value chain. This framework shows that each business function has a sustainability or CSR component. The questions for each business function provides guide for companies to analyze their footprint for gaps and opportunities.

USAGE: Companies can use this framework to analyze their footprint based on the existing policies and procedures and systems currently in place. Companies could also use it to identify future sustainable initiatives that could be adopted.

TO CITE: Herrera, M.E.B. and Alarilla, M.C.I. (October 2012). “Developing An Integrated BOP Engagement Strategy.” RVR Occasional Paper, Makati City Philippines.


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