The Environment of CSR in Mining: A Systems Approach


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title The Environment of CSR in Mining: A Systems Approach
Topic Analyzing Stakeholders and Footprints
Focus Sustainability in the Mining Industry

The Environment of CSR in Mining: A Systems Approach


DESCRIPTION: The center of the Systems Frame provides a snapshot of the key stakeholders in the mining industry, their primary concerns and their relative levels of influence. The center is framed by key governance and control structures, mechanisms and concerns that could be utilized to manage the sometimes conflicting concerns of different stakeholders as well as to address mismatches in terms of information and the timing mismatch of funds.  These are divided into two key concerns: a) performance monitoring and evaluation and b) regulation, revenue distribution and management. The area of regulation, revenue distribution and management is specifically aimed at addressing information mismatches as well as mismatches in the timing and flow of funds for the different needs. The proposed enabling approaches are divided into those required for cooperative approaches and those required in order to capacitate the mining companies themselves.

USAGE: This framework was designed for use in order to develop an understanding of the capacity-building requirements to enhance the practice of CSR in mining in APEC economies. The Systems Frame for CSR in Mining was the result of a focus group discussion on mining concerns

TO CITE: Herrera, M.B.. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility in the APEC Mining Sector (Educational Framework). In APEC Secretariat, CSR in the APEC Mining Sector. APEC Secretariat.


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