The Stages Approach to Sustainable Mining


Organization Asian Institute of Management RVR Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Framework Title The Stages Approach to Sustainable Mining
Topic Analyzing Stakeholders and Footprints
Focus Sustainability in the Mining Industry

The Stages Approach to Sustainable Mining


DESCRIPTION: The Stages Approach to Sustainable Mining Framework presents an engaged and orderly approach for ensuring sustainable positive impact and mitigating negative impact. In order for this plan to be successful, a full plan must be available for all the stages of mining as part of the activities for pre-exploration and feasibility. CSR activities must be attended to through all of the different mining phases, much in the same way as operating and compliance activities are attended to. As the particular environmental and social impact and concerns change across the different mining stages, the CSR activities must also change in order to address changing situation and needs.  The pre-exploration stage is the starting point for companies and the goal is to lay the foundation for attaining and maintaining social license to operate (SLTO) as well as to working towards sustainability across all stages. The end goal is for an orderly exit, sustaining positive impact beyond mine closure, mitigating negative impact for the long term, and capacitating communities to take over post mining closure. The post-rehabilitation plan must include environmental rehabilitation, a new land use program and a clear continuing economic and development model for the communities and governments who will lose access to economic benefits from mining operations.

USAGE: This framework can be used by the mining sector to identify key CSR activities for each stage of mining. The key at each stage is to evaluate the impact (economic, environmental, social) of the activities in each stage of the project and to determine how best to act not only for the current situation but also to prepare for the eventual closure of the mine.

TO CITE: Herrera, Alarilla et al. In process of publication. Contact AIM for citation details.


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