Philip H. Mirvis

Philip H. Mirvis is an organizational psychologist and a faculty member at the Boston College Leadership for Change Program. He is currently a senior research fellow for the Global Network on Corporate Citizenship. His research interest and public practice concerns large-scale organizational change, the character of the workforce and workplace, and role of business in society.

His consulting work concerns organizational change, post-merger integration, CSR/sustainability, workforce development and company cultures. Corporate clients in these areas have included the Chief Executives of Unilever, R Jerry’s, Unisys, Hexcel, Prime Computer, Graphic Controls, and Matther Bender Publishers, plus top management in General Electric, IBM, the SK Group, Hewlett-Packard, Chase Manhattan Bank and many other organizations.
Dr. Mirvis has led public and corporate seminars all over the world, addressed leading university faculties and professional groups and lectured in over 50 nations throughout Asia, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. He was recognized as Distinguised Scholar-Practitioner by the Academy of Management.

A regular contributor to academic and professional journals, he has authored or edited twelve books, including the acclaimed study of the national mood, The Cynical Americans, a study of corporate human resource investments, Building the Competitive Workforce and, covering twenty years of experience with mergers, Joining Forces 2nd Edition. His latest works are about developing a leadership community, To the Desert and Back, the role of business in society, Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship, and Organizing for Sustainability: Networks and Partnerships. He has published over 100 scholarly and practitioner articles. His books have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Dr. Mirvis holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Yale University. He has taught at Boston University and has been a visiting faculty at the University of Michigan, Jiao Ton University, Shanghai, China and the London Business School.