Sam Y.S. Lee

Mr. Sam Y. S. Lee is the Founder and current CEO of InnoCSR, a leading CSR strategy consulting company. InnoCSR brings innovative CSR ideas and solutions to corporate clients and ensures the successful outcome of "Doing Well and Doing Good". Mr. Lee is a UNIDO Certified REAP Consultant. He specializes in CSR, Sustainability, Business Strategy and Public Relations. He serves as the Regional Director for Asia of The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS). He is also a member of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs CSR Expert Committee and the Chair of European Union Chamber of Commerce CSR Working Group.

Mr. Lee was a speaker during the 2012 Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility. He talked about the Challenges of Creating Value for Social Enterprises. In 2011, InnoCSR partnered with Asian Institute of Management to offer a study tour for its members to the AFCSR held in Manila.

Prior to founding InnoCSR in 2008 he was the Client Partner for Trilogy China, an automotive industry and a Private Sector Fundraising Consultant for the United Nations Children’s Fund. He has published several research works including his recent contribution, The World Guide to CSR (2010), a reference manual containing insights on region-specific CSR strategy; In Search of Economic Frontier (2006) and authored China MBA (2005).

Mr. Lee holds an MBA degree from China Europe International Business School (2007) where he founded the annual Being Globally Responsible Conference (BGRC), the Asia’s first and largest student-organized CSR conference. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Korea University (2003).